Sorrow: Under the Yew Possessed

Under the Yew Possessed by Sorrow is a lost classic of the neofolk genre. Which is to say that it’s a lost classic of an already lost genre. Neofolk was always a very imprecise term being more suited to the Death in June wing of the World Serpent stable than the Nurse With Wound wing. But the great thing about the whole scene was that any type of music or sound could fit within its remit so long as it reflected some sort of occult undercurrent flowing from Albion’s shadow side. As a description of a genre, then, neofolk was always a loaded term, explicitly rejected by David Tibet and understood by no one who wasn’t already an initiate. And Under the Yew Possessed is a hidden gem that emerged from those few years of relative stability when the whole eclectic thing came under the organisational responsibility of World Serpent Distribution.


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